Bloody Trapland Cheats For PC


Bloody Trapland Cheats For PC

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Bloody Trapland is a fast paced multiplayer torture platformer that can be played with other people. It provides you with levels that are filled with dozenso f dangerous traps and tricky jumps.

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You can play co-op mode with your friends or take on challenges on your end. The multiplayer modes support up to 4 players. Bloody Trapland has over 100 levels of painful experiences with 4 playable characters and a unique soundtrack. This game can literally bring you hundreds of hours of replayability and game time.

Polaris Bloody Trapland Collab Members:
► Kestalkayden:
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Bloody Trapland has also applied to Steam Greenlight. If you like the game and would like for it to be on steam, please support bloody trapland by clicking on the link below:

Bloody trapland has over 100 levels which will make you rage, especially if you play with multiple people as they can hinder you by accidently killing you. There are some secret levels that can only be accessed if you play in a co-op group.


See it from the beginning:

The Outro Music (Royalty Free) (sped up by 25%)

TYP Plays ……Bloody Trapland + Download Link

Bloody Trapland Ahhh the best Rage game i have ever played its fun and annoying plus very addictive indeed.

Try Out the Demo :

Bloody Trapland – Official Trailer

Help us get to Steam, vote on Greenlight:

Bloody Trapland is a 2D platformer that takes the trial and error genre to a whole new level!

It’s very easy to learn, yet insanely hard to master.

We will be releasing an demo of the game very soon, join us at for your chance to play!

Official site:

Bloody Trapland Breaks Jerma and STAR_

Well… the game finally scramble egged our brains.
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