Bloody Trapland Cheats For PC


Bloody Trapland Cheats For PC

Get all the inside info, cheats, hacks, codes, walkthroughs for Bloody Trapland on GameSpot.

★ Bloody Trapland – Lets Cheat the Game (#BloodyTrapland)

Bloody Trapland is a fast paced multiplayer torture platformer that can be played with other people. It provides you with levels that are filled with dozenso f dangerous traps and tricky jumps.

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You can play co-op mode with your friends or take on challenges on your end. The multiplayer modes support up to 4 players. Bloody Trapland has over 100 levels of painful experiences with 4 playable characters and a unique soundtrack. This game can literally bring you hundreds of hours of replayability and game time.

Polaris Bloody Trapland Collab Members:
► Kestalkayden:
► Superpaniland:
► Amarielle:

Purchase Bloody Trapland:

Bloody Trapland has also applied to Steam Greenlight. If you like the game and would like for it to be on steam, please support bloody trapland by clicking on the link below:

Bloody trapland has over 100 levels which will make you rage, especially if you play with multiple people as they can hinder you by accidently killing you. There are some secret levels that can only be accessed if you play in a co-op group.


See it from the beginning:

The Outro Music (Royalty Free) (sped up by 25%)

TYP Plays ……Bloody Trapland + Download Link

Bloody Trapland Ahhh the best Rage game i have ever played its fun and annoying plus very addictive indeed.

Try Out the Demo :

Bloody Trapland – Official Trailer

Help us get to Steam, vote on Greenlight:

Bloody Trapland is a 2D platformer that takes the trial and error genre to a whole new level!

It’s very easy to learn, yet insanely hard to master.

We will be releasing an demo of the game very soon, join us at for your chance to play!

Official site:

Bloody Trapland Breaks Jerma and STAR_

Well… the game finally scramble egged our brains.
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Music by Blordough

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Project Zero 2: Wii Edition


Project Zero 2: Wii Edition

Find reviews, trailers, release dates, news, screenshots, walkthroughs, and more for Project Zero 2: Wii Edition here on GameSpot.

Project Zero 2: Wii Edition (Wii) Teaser Trailer

Nintendo Life — Project Zero 2: Wii Edition is coming to Europe this June. Prepare yourself for scares with this teaser trailer, and find more over at

Fatal Frame 2/Project Zero 2 (Wii) All Endings + Walkthrough

This is a guide on how to get all 6 endings for Fatal Frame 2/Project Zero 2 Wii Edition. This was made for my subscribers who wanted to see my reactions to each ending, and so there is commentary. How to get the endings are in the video.

1) Long Road (Bad Ending)
2) Crimson Butterfly (Canon)
3) Promise
4) Shadow Festival
5) Frozen Butterfly
6) Hellish Abyss

All endings were attained on normal mode.

Fatal Frame 2 Playlist ► &list=PLwXe-OI9n7Vnhk1Ccug3dnNGxtvyjJ8on &index=1

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Fatal Frame 2: Deep Crimson Butterfly [Wii] – Nightmare 100% (All Files, Ghosts, Upgrades & Endings)

Fatal Frame 2: Deep Crimson Butterfly (Wii Edition) – EUR Version
Emulated on Dolphin 5.0
Click on Sort By, Most Recent First, to display all comments with Timestamps.
– 0:16 – Intro

– 5:40 – Chapter One “The Lost Village”
12:15 – Torch
17:52 – Camera Obscura
26:44 – Myoga Ginger Key
31:34 – The Wandering Woman (Boss)

– 34:36 – Chapter Two “The Twins”
35:03 – Stun (Blue Lens)
36:33 – Spirit Stone Radio
57:46 – Enhancement: Evade
1:03:45 – Twin Guardian Key (Left)
1:25:05 – Twin Guardian Key (Right)
1:29:49 – The Drowned Woman (Boss)

– 1:33:43 – Chapter Three “The Repentance”
1:37:41 – Blast (Red Lens)
1:56:50 – Slow (Blue Lens)
1:57:07 – Man Slain by Kusabi & Woman Slain by Kusabi (Bosses)
1:58:53 – Triple Diamond Key

– 2:06:07 – Chapter Four “The Hidden Ceremony”
2:11:50 – Twin Doll Heads
2:12:14 – Twin Diamond Key
2:18:02 – Bloodstained Ring
2:18:20 – Restore (Green Lens)
2:26:12 – Patterned Ball
2:27:13 – Linked Diamond Key
2:41:32 – See (Green Lens)
2:50:25 – Shadow Key
2:55:36 – Village Tome: Butterflies
2:56:35 – Village Tome: Calamities
2:56:09 – Village Tome: Sacrifices
2:55:49 – Village Tome: Taboos
2:55:25 – Village Tome: Twins
2:58:28 – Light Key
3:01:28 – Eight Hammer Key

– 3:06:15 – Chapter Five “The Sacrifice”
3:06:40 – Osaka House Map
3:12:20 – Butterfly (Red Lens)
3:28:27 – Pinwheel Puzzle #1
3:30:40 – Film Reel VII
3:32:54 – Rusty Key
3:35:45 – Bloody Ring (Sidequest)*
3:42:38 – Tether (Blue Lens)
4:05:55 – Film Reel I
4:14:47 – Itsuki
4:18:22 – Kiryu Key

– 4:20:22 – Chapter Six “The Remaining”
4:32:11 – Film Reel IV
4:38:29 – Doll’s Head
4:38:30 – Torn Diagram
4:42:26 – Film Reel III
4:43:26 – Doll’s Right Arm
4:51:29 – Doll’s Left Arm
4:56:06 – Scorched Note
4:56:50 – The Dollmaker (Boss)
5:02:30 – Glass Eyes
5:02:47 – Operating Instructions
5:04:34 – Akane Kiryu & Twin Doll (Bosses)

– 5:10:56 – Chapter Seven “Sae”
5:15:25 – Film Reel V
5:19:31 – Kiri Leaf Key
5:21:52 – Crimson Cord Doll
5:22:25 – Crimson Doll Puzzle
5:25:17 – Camera Obscura & Torch
5:34:20 – Film Reel II
5:36:09 – Film Reel IV
5:39:19 – Zero (Red Lens)
5:50:03 – Drain (Blue Lens)
6:02:14 – Chitose Hiding Place #1
6:05:58 – Chitose Hiding Place #2
6:07:44 – Chitose Hiding Place #3
6:08:03 – Girl in the Red Kimono (Boss)
6:11:19 – Bell Key
6:16:27 – Octagram Key

– 6:19:07 – Chapter Eight “The Waning Moon”
6:25:03 – Village Map
6:25:33 – Tachibana Crest
6:27:18 – The Tsuchihara Grave (Photo)
6:33:49 – Reward (Green Lens)
6:41:52 – Boy Playing Tag 1, Boy Playing Tag 2 & Girl Playing Tag (Bosses)
6:47:33 – Osaka Crest
6:49:50 – Grand Altar (Photo)
7:02:07 – Broken-Necked Woman (Boss)
7:04:59 – Tsuchihara Crest
7:09:52 – Kiryu Crest
7:10:25 – Twin Doll and Akane Kiryu (Bosses)
7:15:23 – Pinwell Puzzle #2

– 7:17:50 – Final Chapter “The Crimson Butterfly”
7:23:59 – “Long Road Home / Lingering Scent” (Ending #1)
7:43:15 – Men and Women Killed By Kusabi (Bosses)
8:00:31 – Head of Kurosawa House (Boss)
8:06:04 – High Priest’s Key
8:21:27 – Kusabi (Boss)
8:25:05 – “Crimson Butterfly” (Ending #2)
8:29:23 – Kusabi (Boss)
8:31:02 – “The Promise” (Ending #3)

– 8:35:26 – Chapter Eight “The Waning Moon”
8:36:42 – Whispering Bridge
8:39:19 – Kiryu Projector Room
8:41:13 – Kiryu-Tachibana Walkway
– 8:42:38 – Final Chapter “The Crimson Butterfly”
8:43:44 – Kusabi (Boss)
8:51:37 – “Shadow Festival” (Ending #4)
8:56:49 – Kusabi (Boss)

– 8:59:01 – Chapter Zero “The Abyss”
9:00:21 – Sae Kurosawa (Boss)
9:02:44 – “Frozen Butterfly” (Ending #5)
– 9:07:31 – Chapter Zero “The Abyss”
9:08:45 – Sae Kurosawa (Boss)
9:11:01 – “Hellish Abyss” (Ending #6)

9:13:30 – Complete Ghost List

Project Zero 2: Wii Edition (Wii longplay)

Wanted to see how the remake played compared to the original. While very similar, except for the 3d camera, there were a couple of irritating things with this version. The motion controls made following the ghosts difficult, and the lock was acting weird compared to FF4. The lock one would rarely lock on directly to the ghost, but to the side. Another bug is the floating hand that can damage you if you pick up items. Once I realised how to get passed it then it just slowed the game down.

Overall though it’s a nice remake. There are minor differences to the game and the locations to go to but its practically identical. I found that this version guides you far better, so getting lost happens a lot less.

I’ve attached the endings to the end of the video. I’m not sure if that’s all of them.

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Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko Review


Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko Review

Visual gripes aside, the game is more fun than the last Gex N64 title.

Game Dude Archives: Gex 3 Review


Longplay of Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko

Longplay of Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko, played as the NTSC version on the PlayStation. This game’s version was released on Mar. 23, 1999. Tell us what you think by leaving a comment down below!

0:00:00 – Start
0:01:44 – Intro Movie
0:05:04 – Secret TV: Dial “A” for Arson
0:08:28 – Training Level
0:12:06 – Bonus Bonanza: Marsupial Madness
0:14:00 – Holiday Broadcasting: Totally Scrooged
0:30:56 – Bonus Bonanza: Gextreme Sports
0:32:37 – Mystery TV: Clueless in Seattle
0:52:01 – Lake Flaccid
1:04:47 – Secret TV: Braveheartless
1:08:52 – Bonus Bonanza: Gextreme Sports (Less Time)
1:10:29 – Tut TV: Holy Moses!
1:28:34 – Bonus Bonanza: War and Pieces
1:31:24 – Army Channel: War is Heck
1:50:39 – Bonus Bonanza: True Grits
1:52:28 – Western Station: The Organ Trail
2:13:25 – Bonus Bonanza: What a Crock!
2:16:13 – Buccaneer Program: Cutcheese Island
2:36:17 – WWGex Wrestling: Invasion of the Body Slammers
2:39:15 – Slappy Valley
2:45:57 – Secret TV: The Abyssmal
2:50:52 – Bonus Bonanza: Marsupial Madness (Less Time)
2:52:46 – Mythology Network: Unsolved Mythstories
3:25:38 – Bonus Bonanza: True Grits (Less Time)
3:27:37 – Fairytales TV: Red Riding in the Hood
3:47:18 – Bonus Bonanza: War and Pieces (Less Time)
3:50:13 – Anime Channel: When Sushi goes Bad
4:12:37 – Lizard of Oz: Lions, Tigers, and Gex
4:15:56 – Funky Town
4:27:01 – Secret TV: Cheey Rider
4:30:41 – Bonus Bonanza: Marsupial Madness (Even Less Time)
4:32:14 – Gangster TV: My Three Goons
5:01:34 – Bonus Bonanza: What a Crock! (Less Time)
5:04:08 – Superhero Show: Superzeroes
5:30:34 – Spacestation Rez: Rez-Raker
5:34:14 – Rez Boss Fight
5:38:07 – Ending Movie
5:39:00 – Developers Photos
5:41:29 – Credits

5:44:52 – Western Movie
5:45:44 – Gangster Movie
5:46:26 – Army Movie

By: Retro Game Spacko

Skully Reviews: Gex 3 Deep Cover Gecko (1999)

Season 4: Episode 5

This afternoon we give an ode to the wise cracking gecko who was sadly lost to time…. And now the 90s are further away than ever. But not for this day. For as 2019 comes to its conclusion, Solidus Skully gives Gex 3 Deep Cover Gecko its dues and gives a little optimistic look at the Gex series should it ever make a return.

Gex 3 Deep Cover Gecko Review (Five Turnips)

Today I review a game that hurts me. Seriously, it physically hurts me to play this.

More Five Turnips videos:

Last Five Turnips Video (Top 5 Pokemon Games):


Gameplay footage used:

Game Archive (Gex 3DO Gameplay):

Gogeta Superx (Gex 2 Enter the Gecko PS1 gameplay):

suddnstar (Crash Bandicoot (1996) gameplay):


Intro Music was made by these wonderful people:
Intro Music “Year of the Yoshi” license:

Banjo Kazooie and Battletoads music is rightfully owned by Rare and Microsoft.

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Project Gotham Racing 4 Cheats For Xbox 360


Project Gotham Racing 4 Cheats For Xbox 360

Get all the inside info, cheats, hacks, codes, walkthroughs for Project Gotham Racing 4 on GameSpot.

Project Gotham Racing 4 Video Review

Gaming Pastime reviews Project Gotham Racing 4 for Xbox 360.

Developed by Bizarre Creations and published by Microsoft Game Studios, Project Gotham Racing 4 was released for Xbox 360 in October, 2007. Project Gotham Racing 4 introduces some cool new stuff and makes for an excellent send off for the classic racing franchise.

Check out our written review:

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Project Gotham Racing 4 | Xbox 360 Review

Hello and welcome to Camp Xbox where we cover all things Xbox new and old. Today is a review of the last entry into the Project Gotham Racing franchise an xbox exclusive game.

How’s Project Gotham Racing 4 on PC?

Something I stumbled upon on Discord made me quite skeptical about a game like PGR4 being emulated on PC, but I tried playing it and the results were surprising.


Xenia Canary:


PC Specs:

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Video Music:

The Prodigy – Shadow

BOP & Subwave – Zaichik

Intro Music: Klasey Jones – Midnight Cruiser

Outro Music: Sam Gellaitry – want u 2

Video clip of biker being hit in PGR4 from TheAdmiester


00:00 Intro

02:23 Tutorial

05:29 Performance

09:07 Outro

Playthrough [360] Project Gotham Racing 4 – Part 2 of 3

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Developer: Bizarre Creations
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
– NA: 2 October 2007
– AU: 11 October 2007
– EU: 12 October 2007

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Kinetica Cheats For PlayStation 2 PlayStation 4


Kinetica Cheats For PlayStation 2 PlayStation 4

Get all the inside info, cheats, hacks, codes, walkthroughs for Kinetica on GameSpot.

Installing PS4 Game Cheats with Trainers & Mod Tools on the 9.00 Jailbreak

How to use the PS4 Trainer and Mod Tools to apply Cheats to your PS4 games.

More PS4 Tutorials:

Permanent Cheats:

PS4 Trainer:

Download Links:

PS4-AIO 1.9.1:

PS4 ToolBox by DeathRGH:

PS4 MultiTrainer II by Shiningami:
0:00 – Intro
0:31 – PS4 Setup
2:13 – Online PS4 Trainer Setup
8:14 – Offline Trainer Setup
10:00 – Mod Tool Setup
Outro: Paul Flint – Sock It To Them –
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GoldCheats-Updater Released | Download Trainers for PS4 GoldHEN 2.2


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PS2 Classics Emulation Compatibility List

PS2 FPKG Download

I use this PS4 host for running mods

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Kinetica – Launch Trailer I PS4

Kinetica, now upgraded to a blistering speed of 60FPS 1080p on the PlayStation 4. Whether you’re a racing game enthusiast or enjoy a good old fashion pure arcade thrill, Kinetica is a classic worth playing on the PlayStation 4.

Search Kinetica on the PlayStation Store –

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Rainbow Six Siege: Nighthaven Squad Teaser


Rainbow Six Siege: Nighthaven Squad Teaser

Nighthaven is here to provide its excellence to the highest bidder. Her Squad thrives when it’s not binded by rules and Nighthaven is a world leader in strategy and technology.

Harry’s Board – CGI Teaser | Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

The future is now, and they have prepared diligently to meet it. Cast a quick glance at what the former Team Rainbow will become in Year 7, splitting into smaller squads led by the most emblematic Operators.

More information on the Squads will be revealed throughout Year 7.
Stay tuned:

New Weapon – Nighthaven Trailer – 6News – Rainbow Six Siege

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Rainbow Six Siege: Nighthaven Squad Teaser

“When excellence is given space and resources, success is guaranteed.” – Specialist Jaimini Kalimohan “Kali” Shah’s

Nighthaven is here to provide its excellence to the highest bidder. Her Squad thrives when it’s not binded by rules and Nighthaven is a world leader in strategy and technology.

Tune in for the Year 7 Season 3 Reveal Panel on 21st August 2:30 PM GMT to learn more about her plan.

About Rainbow Six Siege:
Rainbow Six Siege is an exciting, new approach to the first-person shooter experience that puts tactical combat and masterful destruction at the center of the action. Lead your team of unique operators through tense and thrilling combat scenarios, and achieve victory through smart preparation and strategic improvisation. Rainbow Six Siege is available now on Xbox, PlayStation® and PC.

#Ubisoft #R6Siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Nighthaven Squad Teaser Trailer | PS4

“When excellence is given space and resources, success is guaranteed.” – Specialist Jaimini Kalimohan “Kali” Shah’s

Nighthaven is here to provide its excellence to the highest bidder. Her Squad thrives when it’s not binded by rules and Nighthaven is a world leader in strategy and technology.

Tune in for the Year 7 Season 3 Reveal Panel on 21st August, 3:30 PM BST to learn more about her plan.”

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Sony Is Looking At Destiny’s Future Beyond Games With Bungie Acquisition


Sony Is Looking At Destiny’s Future Beyond Games With Bungie Acquisition

Sony is ramping up the opportunities to take its gaming IP into other media. So is Bungie. Their deal is about more than just games.

Sony Purchases Bungie for $3.7 BILLION?!

The Future of Bungie | Sony Acquisition | Destiny 3?

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So this is pretty crazy. Who else thought that Sony would acquire Bungie and its IPs this year, cause i sure didn’t. What does this mean for the future of Bungie, Destiny, and it’s other IPs? Only time will tell, but we can speculate 😀

#bungie #destiny #sony

Here’s Why Sony “Vastly Overpaid” For Bungie…

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Pachter: “Sony Vastly Overpaid For Bungie”

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Xbox & PlayStation See a Future Beyond the Box

Since Sony Bought Bungie the news has continued pouring in, but one thing is clear. Sony is looking beyond the console. They stated months ago that they wanted to sell to more users, so Sony buys Bungie as part of an initiative to release more live service games in the future. There may not be an exclusive deal, but what games have Bungie made is not the right question. It’s what games Sony can make with Bungie’s technology. Both Paul and I discuss in this clip Paul vs. Destin. The Full episode is now available to all members and will be available to everyone this Sunday.

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