Nier: Automata Steam Patch Finally Fixes Its Biggest Issues This Week


Nier: Automata Steam Patch Finally Fixes Its Biggest Issues This Week

The July 15 patch addresses frame rate and video issues that have plagued the PC version for four years.

Easy way to install FAR and HD Texture pack. Nier Automata Mod Helper (NAMH) walkthrough.

A quick rundown/walkthrough of the Nier Automata Mod Helper (NAMH) tool. Of course, this is all post patch 07/15/2021. I wanted to see how this tool would work and I am glad to report that it made installing FAR and the HD texture pack a breeze! I would highly recommend using this if you’re new to installing those two mods. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the grid removal mod to work.


0:00 Intro and set up
4:45 Installing FAR
7:40 Installing HD Texture Pack
10:20 Grid overlay removal mod fail
13:00 Outro and final thoughts

Why I Regret Buying the Steam Deck

why i hate the steam deck and the nintendo switch is better as a handheld console

Nier: Automata Is Suddenly Being Review Bombed on Steam

The lack of updates to Nier: Automata frustrate players on Steam who attempt to grab attention from Square Enix by review bombing the game.

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I finally finished the NieR:Automata HD Texture Pack

Over 300 textures updated. Works with Windows Store & Steam versions. Texture pack uses FAR or SpecialK for injection. Minor performance drop. The goal of this mod is to fix low resolution textures and maintain visual consistency for the best user experience.

A lite version of the texture pack is available for anyone with a lower end system.

Mod link + screenshot comparisons here:

0:00 Intro
0:28 Comparisons
2:18 Preview

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