Pokemon Legends: Arceus: Alpha Pokemon Explained


Pokemon Legends: Arceus: Alpha Pokemon Explained

Alpha Pokemon stand above the rest in more than one way

Pokemon Arceus: 10 Things The Game DOESN’T TELL YOU

Pokemon Legends Arceus (Nintendo Switch) has finally arrived! Here are some tips and tricks to help you out.
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10 Ways To Catch Alpha Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus

In this Video I will show you 10 ways to catch alpha pokemon in pokemon legends arceus. Alpha Pokemon are the scariest thing in Pokemon Legends Arceus. So I show you OP ways on how to deal with Alpha pokemon. I hope this Alpha pokemon Guide helps you on your journey.
⏱️ Video Chapters ⏱️
0:00 Intro
0:37 Hiding in the Grass
1:07 Berry Method
1:32 Prefered Food- Method
2:05 Cake Method
4:13 Battle Method
5:28 Smoke bomb method
6:26 Stealth Spray Method
8:15 Early Stun Technique
9:18 Sticky Glob
10:50 Conclusion
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How to Catch Alpha Pokemon Guide in Pokemon Legends Arceus

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This guide will show you how to catch Alpha Pokemon and Pokemon in general for Pokemon Legends Arceus!
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How to Catch Alpha Pokemon Guide in Pokemon Legends Arceus

�� ALL Alpha Pokemon & Where To Find Them in Pokemon Legends: Arceus!

In this Pokemon Legends: Arceus Tips and Tricks Tutorial Alpha Pokemon Guide, Abdallah teaches you what Alpha Pokemon are, how to catch Alpha Pokemon, & the locations of all Alpha Pokemon in the overworld, with a family-friendly commentary!
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00:00 Welcome & Thanks for Subscribing!
00:55 What Are Alpha Pokemon?
01:57 How To Catch Alpha Pokemon?
02:59 Which Pokemon Can Be Alpha?
03:31 Can You Catch Shiny Alpha Pokemon?
04:00 How To Respawn Alpha Pokemon?
04:28 Alpha Rapidash (Level 40) In Obsidian Fieldlands
04:38 Alpha Heracross (Level 45) In Obsidian Fieldlands
04:51 Alpha Graveler (Level 30) In Obsidian Fieldlands
05:07 Alpha Floatzel (Level 31) In Obsidian Fieldlands
05:22 Alpha Luxio (Level 40) In Obsidian Fieldlands
05:38 Alpha Gyarados (Level 60) In Obsidian Fieldlands
05:53 Alpha Snorlax (Level 45) In Obsidian Fieldlands
06:10 Alpha Staravia (Level 32) In Obsidian Fieldlands
06:24 Alpha Parasect (Level 30) In Obsidian Fieldlands
06:32 Alpha Stantler (Level 42) In Obsidian Fieldlands
06:45 Alpha Blissey (Level 62) In Obsidian Fieldlands
07:03 Alpha Bibarel (Level 16) In Obsidian Fieldlands
07:15 Alpha Scyther(Level 42) In Obsidian Fieldlands
07:28 Alpha Lopunny (Level 40) In Obsidian Fieldlands
07:39 Alpha Infernape (Level 65) In Obsidian Fieldlands
07:58 Alpha Alakazam (Level 60) In Obsidian Fieldlands
08:09 Alpha Golbat (Level 40 At Night) In Obsidian Fieldlands
08:26 Alpha Raichu (Level 52) In Crimson Mirelands
08:47 Alpha Roserade (Level 50) In Crimson Mirelands
09:00 Alpha Lickilicky (Level 52) In Crimson Mirelands
09:12 Alpha Rhyhorn (Level 45) In Crimson Mirelands
09:24 Alpha Onix (Level 50) In Crimson Mirelands
09:38 Alpha Carnivine (Level 43) In Crimson Mirelands
09:50 Alpha Vespiquen (Level 61) In Crimson Mirelands
10:00 Alpha Yanmega (Level 58) In Crimson Mirelands
10:14 Alpha Ursaring (Level 41) In Crimson Mirelands
10:30 Alpha Sligoo (Level 50) In Crimson Mirelands
10:45 Alpha Torterra (Level 65) In Crimson Mirelands
10:58 Alpha Hippowdon (Level 46) In Crimson Mirelands
11:17 Alpha Toxicroak (Level 47) In Crimson Mirelands
11:31 Alpha Pachirisu (Level 40) In Crimson Mirelands
11:43 Alpha Ursaring (Level 55) In Crimson Mirelands
11:56 Alpha Tangrowth (Level 45) In Crimson Mirelands
12:06 Alpha Skuntank (Level 45) In Crimson Mirelands
12:21 Alpha Honchcrow (Level 55 At Night) In Crimson Mirelands
12:43 Alpha Mothim (Level 55) In Coronet Highlands
12:57 Alpha Goodra (Level 70) In Coronet Highlands
13:13 Alpha Crobat (Level 60) In Coronet Highlands
13:26 Alpha Steelix (Level 60) In Coronet Highlands
13:37 Alpha Gliscor (Level 77) In Coronet Highlands
13:50 Alpha Bronzong (Level 55) In Coronet Highlands
14:02 Alpha Gabite (Level 56) In Coronet Highlands
14:14 Rhyperior (Level 74) In Coronet Highlands
14:25 Alpha Probopass (Level 73) In Coronet Highlands
14:37 Alpha Golem (Level 60) In Coronet Highlands
14:50 Alpha Luxray (Level 55) In Coronet Highlands
14:59 Alpha Electivire (Level 69) In Coronet Highlands
15:15 Alpha Mismagius (Level 61 At Night) In Coronet Highlands
15:32 Alpha Clefable (Level 62) In Coronet Highlands
15:46 Alpha Walrein (Level 50) In Cobalt Coastlands
15:57 Alpha Ambipom (Level 50) In Cobalt Coastlands
16:11 Alpha Golduck (Level 50) In Cobalt Coastlands
16:22 Alpha Drapion (Level 45) In Cobalt Coastlands
16:39 Alpha Machoke (Level 40) In Cobalt Coastlands
16:47 Alpha Octillery (Level 46) In Cobalt Coastlands
17:03 Alpha Purugly (Level 45) In Cobalt Coastlands
17:16 Alpha Gyarados (Level 58) In Cobalt Coastlands
17:30 Alpha Tentacruel (Level 50) In Cobalt Coastlands
17:44 Alpha Lumineon (Level 60) In Cobalt Coastlands
17:57 Alpha Gastrodon (Level 61) In Cobalt Coastlands
18:08 Alpha Ninetales (Level 61) In Cobalt Coastlands
18:25 Alpha Empoleon (Level 69) In Cobalt Coastlands
18:38 Alpha Mothim (Level 56) In Cobalt Coastlands
18:51 Alpha Dusknoir (Level 65 At Night) In Cobalt Coastlands
19:03 Alpha Lucario (Level 70) In Alabaster Icelands
19:16 Alpha Garchomp (Level 85) In Alabaster Icelands
19:30 Alpha Froslass (Level 72) In Alabaster Icelands
20:06 Alpha Electabuzz (Level 65) In Alabaster Icelands
20:19 Alpha Piloswine (Level 65) In Alabaster Icelands
20:27 Alpha Swinub (Level 62) In Alabaster Icelands
20:40 Alpha Glalie (Level 62) In Alabaster Icelands
20:53 Alpha Abomasnow (Level 68) In Alabaster Icelands
21:05 Alpha Mamoswine (Level 68) In Alabaster Icelands
21:17 Alpha Gardevoir (Level 70) In Alabaster Icelands
21:29 Alpha Hisui Sneasel(Level 61) In Alabaster Icelands
21:43 Alpha Machamp (Level 70) In Alabaster Icelands
21:58 Alpha Gallade (Level 70) In Alabaster Icelands
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