Sony Is Looking At Destiny’s Future Beyond Games With Bungie Acquisition


Sony Is Looking At Destiny’s Future Beyond Games With Bungie Acquisition

Sony is ramping up the opportunities to take its gaming IP into other media. So is Bungie. Their deal is about more than just games.

Sony Purchases Bungie for $3.7 BILLION?!

The Future of Bungie | Sony Acquisition | Destiny 3?

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So this is pretty crazy. Who else thought that Sony would acquire Bungie and its IPs this year, cause i sure didn’t. What does this mean for the future of Bungie, Destiny, and it’s other IPs? Only time will tell, but we can speculate 😀

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Here’s Why Sony “Vastly Overpaid” For Bungie…

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Pachter: “Sony Vastly Overpaid For Bungie”

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Xbox & PlayStation See a Future Beyond the Box

Since Sony Bought Bungie the news has continued pouring in, but one thing is clear. Sony is looking beyond the console. They stated months ago that they wanted to sell to more users, so Sony buys Bungie as part of an initiative to release more live service games in the future. There may not be an exclusive deal, but what games have Bungie made is not the right question. It’s what games Sony can make with Bungie’s technology. Both Paul and I discuss in this clip Paul vs. Destin. The Full episode is now available to all members and will be available to everyone this Sunday.

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